Do You Have Bed Bugs in your home?


Sleep Tight Services helps you find out with Canine Inspection and Professional Licensed Pest Controllers who visit your property in the Melbourne area or help you Do It Yourself in other areas with our Bed Bug Seeker Kit including professional consultation.

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Canine inspection

Victoria’s first and only Bed Bug Sniffer Dog, Chloe is trained to sniff out bed bugs. All canine alerts are closely checked and confirmed by a trained and licensed Pest Control expert who specialises in Bed Bugs.

Bed Bug Expert – Licensed Pest Control professional

A Pest Control expert with years of experience finding and eliminating bed bugs is able to inspect your home for signs of bed bug infestation and test foecal spots if necessary.

Outside the Melbourne area?

Click for info on our DIY Bed Bug Seeker Kit which includes personalised professional advice.

DIY Bed Bug Seeker Kit

Bed Bug Eradication

We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to eliminate Bed Bugs from your home. A combination of Vacuum, Steam optimized for killing bed bugs, and pesticide treatments are available in the Melbourne area to rid your home of bed bugs. Our approach usually requires no disposal of furniture or personal belongings and minimal use of pesticide with little disruption to your daily life.

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Treatment of books, suitcases and clothes

We are bed bug specialists with the appropriate equipment to treat contaminated items in both home and commercial settings. Our decontamination system uses heat to kill bed bugs in infested items so you are sure that no live bed bugs or eggs are left behind.